Enjoy your outdoor space this summer but consider your neighbours

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Summer is here!  It’s a time when we all like getting outside, especially with the warm and light evenings, to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

However please consider your neighbours when you’re outside in your garden or communal space.  We want all residents to enjoy the summer, so here’s some helpful do’s and don’ts:


  • Let your neighbours know if you’re having a gathering or BBQ.  If you live in a communal block and have the space, why not invite them along? There’s no better way to create that community feeling than getting together with neighbours.
  • Enjoy yourself but please consider your neighbours once the music is on and the drink is flowing.  Are they having as much fun as you?
  • Clean up afterwards and make sure the BBQ is fully extinguished before you go indoors. This is especially important if you live in a block.
  • Make sure any BBQ smoke isn’t causing problems for neighbours.
  • Turn down the music if your neighbours ask you to. Remember, others may have children, medical conditions or work shifts, and need their sleep.


  • Play loud music in your garden or outdoor space.
  • Scream, shout, argue or do anything that can cause a disturbance to your neighbours.
  • Put your BBQ close to the building or near other flammable material.
  • If you live in a block; leave empty cans, bottles or cigarette ends in the communal areas. Remember, any extra cleaning will be charged back to everyone in the block. Please clear up responsibly so that other tenants aren’t charged.
  • …forget that everyone is entitled to the quiet enjoyment of their home and outside space – including you😊

We hope all our residents have a lovely summer.  If you need to contact us, please call 0117 942 4600 and ask to speak with your housing officer.