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For many of us, being able to meet outside with family and friends, now that lockdown restrictions are easing, is excellent news.  But for some people, it’s not so positive.  They are experiencing more noise and anti-social behaviour.

What is anti-social behaviour (ASB)?

If you are experiencing behaviour that causes or is likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress to you or another member of your household, this is anti-social behaviour. Let us know. We’ll look into your complaint and take appropriate action.

Anti-social behaviour or ASB is ‘persistent, ongoing and preventable.’

Reporting ASB

We take ASB seriously. We understand that ASB can make you feel miserable or even scared in your own home, and it is not acceptable. We’ll assist you and work with you in confidence to help you report and deal with extreme behaviour.

To assess if something you report is ASB, we require evidence. Some behaviour may be annoying to you, but we would not regard it as serious anti-social behaviour, such as children playing inside or outside. We will talk to you about your complaint in these instances, but we may not necessarily take action.

Gathering evidence

The Noise App is a free to download mobile phone app that you can access using your smartphone either on GooglePlay or the AppleStore. Using the App, you can record and send recordings of noise nuisance. If you report ASB to us, we can also provide you with a ‘log sheet’ via email or in the post to record dates, times, the type of ASB and the impact it is having on you and your family.

Supporting you and your family

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the way we work to resolve ASB has changed slightly. We are still working hard to resolve ASB in line with Government guidance to ensure we keep residents, communities and colleagues safe. However, we cannot enforce alleged breaches of the COVD-19 restrictions set out by the Government, including social distancing. To report any incidents, please contact the police.

If you’ve already reported anti-social behaviour to us, please be reassured that we are dealing with this. However, response times may take a little longer than usual.

Tips for reducing noise at home

Remember, even though lockdown restrictions are easing, many people will still be at home, and you may hear more noises than you would normally. This could be music, neighbours carrying out DIY and children playing.  Here are some helpful tips for reducing noise in your home.

Contact us

Visit our Anti-social behaviour information page on our website to report an incident to us.

We are here to support you. If you need anything else, please get in touch.