Brighter Places enters into pioneering pilot community contract with St Werburghs Community Centre

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our pioneering initiative to provide vital support for people in the communities we serve.

A new programme of ‘Community Contracts’ will be established between Brighter Places and key local community groups to support people who need a helping hand.

It’s under way just six weeks after we established Brighter Places following the merger of the Solon South West and United Communities housing associations.

And, over the next 12 months, we’re aiming to enter into Community Contracts with six community groups that provide vital support to its residents.  Each Community Contract will include mutual commitments between the two organisations.

Pilot Community Contract

The first pilot ‘Community Contract’ is with St Werburghs Community Centre, in Bristol. The contract includes a commitment from us to provide financial and other support to the centre for its food bank.  In return, St Werburghs Community Centre has committed to continuing its food bank that supports a growing number of Brighter Places residents.

Our residents and colleagues will be invited to have their say in selecting other local community groups to support future Community Contracts.

Providing vital support for local families

Anna Klimczak, Chief Executive of Brighter Places, said: “Supporting local community groups which provide meaningful support to our residents is a key part of our DNA.

“In 2020, the £100K Coronavirus Community Fund launched by Solon South West Housing and United Communities before we merged supported 27 local community organisations.  And we made our first grant award to St Werburghs Community Centre to protect and relaunch a valuable local food bank.

“It is concerning that a growing number of our residents rely on food banks. But I am delighted that with our pilot Community Contract, we can help St Werburghs Community Centre foodbank continue to operate and provide this vital support.”

Goska Ong, Director of St Werburghs Community Centre, said: “We are very grateful for the continued support Brighter Places has given St Werburghs Community Centre.  Thanks To Brighter Places we were able to set up the Community Food Share service as a response to the difficulties faced by people in the local area.

“Now with the Community Contract, we can continue to support local families making sure the food bank is there for them in these difficult times.”


Photo caption: Left, Jess Atherton, St Werburghs Community Centre Foodbank Coordinator with Marie Luigi, Brighter Places Community Engagement Officer.  Photo by @JonCraig_Photos.