Customer Committee proposal, Damp and mould update and Q4 performance

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Update from the engagement panel 11 May  2023

Next engagement panel meeting:  Tuesday 13 June 2023, 5pm-6.30pm

Board update & Customer Committee proposal  

Brighter Places is looking to create two new sub-committees: the Customer Committee and the Homes and Treasury Committee. The Customer Committee will be similar to the Bridge meetings with a more formal approach, including specific Terms of Reference. 

The board will aspire to help deliver good customer service and make sure homes are lovely to live in.  This is sometimes challenged by the age of properties; the board wants us to dig deeper into this. This new Customer Committee will be a part of our journey to delivering a great customer experience. The panel will meet with Chair, Harry again in July to discuss its implementation. We have been discussing ways of staying connected with residents – social media platforms, email, website and newsletter.  

Damp and mould update 

Senior Project Manager, Stacy Sheppard gave an update on how Brighter Places were tackling damp and mould. Stacy gave an update on progression made since the last time the panel had requested insight into this . To find out more about what we can do, please visit our Damp, condensation and mould web page.  It is not always easy to identify the root cause of damp and mould issues. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact us and report it this directly. to Brighter Places 

Brighter Places is taking steps to identify vulnerability issues impacting property performance and energy issues. They are also improving how they log and monitor damp and mould issues. 

Performance data – Quarter 4 

Communications have improved since the Summer of listening. More things are being reported by residents, such as the quality of contractors’ work/repairs. An area of interest for the panel in this quarter is Anti Social Behaviour. Simon Gray joined the team as Housing Manager and will come to the panel meeting to provide more information about anti-social behaviour and what kind of support residents can receive.  

If any resident is interested in the panel meetings and would like to attend as an observer at one, please do contact a member of our engagement team. All residents are welcome. 

L – Panel Member