Direct Debit form

  • Direct Debit set-up

    Allpay (who process Direct Debits on our behalf) require a minimum of twelve working days from your request to the start date of your Direct Debit to set this up. You will receive written confirmation from Allpay and a copy of the Direct Debit guarantee once the Direct Debit has been set up. Your rent will then be paid automatically on the agreed date.
  • Please complete the whole form to instruct Brighter Places to commence a new Direct Debit for your rent account.

  • Direct Debit payment details

  • This is the 6 digit number that identifies your bank, it's usually formatted as: xx-xx-xx.
  • This is the longer number, usually 8-12 digits, that identifies your account.
  • This will be the postal address of your bank or building society.
  • You must continue to pay your rent in the normal way until you have received confirmation of your Direct Debit.

    Your confirmation will state how much your instalments will be and when they will start coming out of your account.
  • 9 digit reference if known
  • If the date you select is not compatible with all months, we take payment on the closest possible day e.g. if you select the 31st, in September, April, June and November, payment will be taken on 30th of the month.
    Please indicate your preferred option.
  • Please use this space to provide us with any further information.
  • Please enter today's date.