Engagement panel – residents and colleagues team up



Last year during our merger consultation we made a pledge to residents to create a ‘resident panel’ so that you can get involved in all that we do.

Here’s an update on the progress we’ve made working together.

Our pledge to you

In 2020 during our merger consultation, we received some great feedback from you.  Around 30 residents expressed an interest in working with us to create a Resident Panel.  There were also several United Communities and Solon residents already eager to get involved with our new organisation.

So, we set up a working group called ‘Team Voice’. The team was made up of seven residents and seven colleagues.  They were tasked with developing the terms of reference for the panel to ensure it is open, accountable, and effective. This included deciding its role and responsibilities and its rules and membership.  It also included how it would link into the governance structure of Brighter Places.

Engagement Panel

Team Voice worked together for four months and agreed on the terms of reference in February. The team decided on a change to creating a Resident Panel. Their experience of working side by side, both residents and colleagues, was so successful that they felt the panel should continue in this way.  They sent a proposal to the Board.  It supported the change to an Engagement Panel; made up of 10 residents and five colleagues.

Panel progress

In March, we shared the news with all residents that we were welcoming ‘expressions of interest’ to become part of the panel. We gave four weeks for responses and had just under 40 residents express an interest. Some residents were part of the interim panel, Team Voice or had already worked with us. To ensure the selection process was fair we asked everyone to follow the same process.

Panel selection

Next, we invited residents that expressed an interest to a taster session to find out more about the panel, its objectives and aims.  We organised a series of 1-2-1 meetings for residents interested in becoming a member of the panel. We held 20, 1-2-1 meetings, and successfully selected 10 residents to sit on the Panel. The selection process was carried out by Resident Engagement Officer, Danielle Jones, an external consultant and two residents who have been working with us over the last 12 months.

Opportunities to get involved

Residents who decided that they didn’t want to be considered for the panel or weren’t selected will be offered other opportunities to get involved. This could be subgroups or task and finish groups focusing on specific issues. There’s also an opportunity for residents to take part if they have a specific interest.

The panel met for the first time in April to begin its journey as ‘Brighter Places Engagement Panel’ helping us monitor our customer service performance, shape future services, and discuss policies and plans.

Get in touch!

We’re keen to hear from residents and there are always opportunities to get involved. Please contact our Resident Engagement Officer, Danielle.Jones@brighterplaces.co.uk if you would like further information or to share your thoughts.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the work of the Engagement Panel here on our website, via our e-news and social media channels.