Scrutiny to identify service improvements

To develop our scrutiny, we have introduced Bridge meetings. 

Bridge meetings are held every quarter and involve representatives from the engagement panel, the Brighter Places Board, and senior colleagues who are invited to present information about the service in question. 

Prior to each meeting, the engagement panel receive detailed quarterly performance data and residents’ satisfaction information. The panel and Board members review this information to identify areas for further scrutiny leading to service development and/or improvements. 

What is the role of the panel and board?

  • To identify potential areas of enquiry from performance data
  • To agree an area of enquiry
  • To lead a process of co-enquiry and co-design, involving residents and colleagues
  • Discover what is going well / not so well
  • Reflect on existing customer feedback
  • To identify resources, information, and training needs
  • Ensure the process is inclusive and generates firm recommendations
  • Gather information about the service area in question
  • Agree on recommendations to support service improvements
  • Monitor the service to check that improvements are taking place as expected

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