All you need to know to get started

  • Who can apply?

    Anyone aged 18 or over can apply if:

    • You live in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire

    • You are in paid work (including zero hours and self-employed)

    Our support is tailored to each individual and the level of support may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

    The service is FREE and confidential. Just get in touch and one of our Future Bright coaches will arrange to chat to you.

    Call 0117 942 4600 or email

  • What help can I get?

    Our Future Bright coaches are very flexible in what they can offer.

    Careers advice

    We discuss what you hope to do and create a practical plan to help you get there.

    Help to overcome barriers

    Sometimes you need practical or personal support.

    Improve your skills

    We can identify the best training that fits around your work and your home life.

    Work-life balance

    Maybe you need childcare or help with finances just to get started.

    Call 0117 942 4600 or email

  • What do people say about the service?

    “My entire experience with FutureBright was friendly, supportive and non-judgmental. My career coach Chris took the time to listen and asked questions to make sure he understood my aims and barriers. Chris and Future Bright were flexible, accessible and responsive throughout the coaching journey.”

    Kim, jewellery maker, South Gloucestershire

    “Carol (my Future Bright career coach) also helped me see that there are lots of people like me working on our own striving to grow our businesses. Now I’m feeling more positive, hopeful and excited for the future.”

    Lindi Lu, yoga instructor, Bath

    “Future Bright has been a massive help to us. We knew some of the changes we wanted to make to the business but didn’t have the funds or connections to make it happen. The changes we’ve put in place have given us extra time, improved our skills and our branding, and brought in new business.”

    Robert, self-employed graffiti artist, Bristol