Architects impression of Marshfield Road


BP are working with Marshfield Community Land Trust (MCLT) to deliver 12 affordable homes on a rural exception site.

Homes 12

Tenure  10 social rent, 2 shared ownership

Status: Tender

Completion Projected March 2023

The scheme will be made up of 10 social rent properties and 2 shared ownership homes. In addition, there will be 3 open market homes to help create a balanced community and provide some cross subsidy to assist the viability of the development.


Marshfield Community Land Trust

What makes this scheme different?

This scheme is led by a community initiative which will deliver a small number of homes to meet an identified housing need. The design process has sought to retain the balance between the requirements for affordable homes, sustainability and the sensitive context of the site, which sits within the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the green belt. The homes will be highly sustainable, using ground source heat pumps to provide heating, and the affordable homes will be built to certified Passivhaus standards ensuring low energy bills for the future residents.

How will this scheme benefit the community?

House prices in Marshfield do not reflect local earnings, making it increasingly difficult for local people to be able to afford to buy or rent in the area. The homes will be provided through a local lettings policy which will enable local people to rent and buy these homes.

How to find out more about available homes

Homes available for rent will be let through South Gloucestershire’s choice-based letting scheme, HomeChoice.

Homes available for shared ownership will be sold via the Brighter Places Sales website

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