Update on Panel recruitment, Board and CEC meetings, and Complaints training

Engagement / Engagement Panel

Update from the Engagement Panel meeting on 8 February 2024.
Update on Panel recruitment

January’s recruitment for the panel was successful, and we now have a full panel, with a total of twelve12 members. We welcomed our latest panel member, Sophie at this meeting. Unfortunately, fewer Panel members were able to attend this time. However, there were lots of good conversations as we explored the different agenda items. 

Update from the Board meeting

I was invited to attend the Board meeting and represent the voice of the customer. The rent and service charge changes 2024/25 was one of the agenda items discussed at the meeting. It was the second time I was invited to engage in the rent review process. We have to make tough decisions in response to the context we are in as a housing association. The views were divided for various reasons. I appreciated the discussions remained frank and respectful. The Board would not do without consulting us. Such dialogue is essential. This meeting was again the demonstration of the Board’s valuing and listening to our views.

Update from the CEC meeting

Alongside 3 CEC Committee members, I attended the first CEC meeting as an observer in January. We looked at the performance data from Quarter 3 and heard how the Insight team wished to gather more information from residents about their levels of dissatisfaction. Simon Gray, Lettings and ASB Manager gave an in-depth analysis of the current ASB satisfaction. We also heard about the success of the Tenant Support fund, and how Brighter Places has supported residents. Brighter Places wishes to continue it and is still exploring their options. Finally, we looked at the satisfaction of the complaints handling process, and more specifically a recent case with the Ombudsman.

Complaints – case Study and training

Sarah White, a Panel member, has been working with Mike Rippon, Customer Experience and Insight Manager to co-design Customer Service and Complaints training for Brighter Places colleagues. We all discussed our own experiences and shared initial thoughts on Sarah’s suggestions. The aim is to make better decisions so we can improve everyone’s experience and determine our top priorities. There’s more to come, such as focus groups. This way of working together is very beneficial and will help us find new ways to collaborate going forward. Each Panel member has various interests and skill sets. It is very exciting to see that in action!

If any Brighter Places resident is interested in the panel meetings and would like to attend a meeting as an observer, please contact the Engagement team by emailing engagement@brighterplaces.co.uk
All residents are welcome.

Pete Kennedy-Watson – Panel Chair 

* The March meeting was closed, so there will be no blog post this month.