Rent change 2023


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Every year we review the level of your rent in line with government policy.

From 1 April 2023 (if you pay your rent monthly) and 3 April 2023 (if you pay your rent weekly) your rent payment will increase by 7%

All Brighter Places residents will receive a  ‘notice of rent change 2023 -2024’ letter in the post detailing your rent payment from April 2023.

This letter will also include confirmation of service charges if you pay them.

Your rent increase explained

This year the government stated housing associations could increase annual rents by up to a maximum 7% rise (known as the ‘rent cap’)   Following consultation with the Brighter Place resident engagement panel, the Brighter Places Board agreed a 7% rent rise from April 2023. 

For the last three years the rent increase was linked to the Consumer price index (CPI), allowing an annual increase of CPI plus 1% (based on the September CPI)   If this formula had been used for the rent review from April 2023 the maximum rent increase would have been 11.1%.

Why your rent has increased

This has been a very difficult decision and one we haven’t taken lightly.  As a not for profit housing association the vast majority of income we receive from rent is used to run resident services, maintain homes, invest in energy efficiency retrofits in resident homes, build new homes and help create strong communities.    

We considered very carefully what level of rent rise is fair to residents and means we can continue providing our services.  Before setting the rent for 2023-24, we looked very closely at all options and consulted with our resident engagement panel and Board. 

We appreciate that a rent rise of 7% will be a challenge for many of our residents.   However the 7% rise won’t cover the increased costs we are paying to provide resident services including contractor and material costs.      

Most benefits and the state pension will increase by 10.1% from 1 April but we appreciate many residents will be concerned about how to afford their rent alongside other outgoings.   

Support is available

We understand that you may need some extra advice or support because of your rent increase.

We’ve tried to answer questions you are likely to have about changes to your rent payment and service charges.  Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

To help you manage,  a leaflet is enclosed with your ‘notice of rent change – 2023-2024‘ letter. The leaflet includes information on support and advice to help you with budgeting, benefits, managing debt, employment and keeping track of your energy costs. 

If you are at all worried about being able to pay your rent, please call us on 0117 942 4600.

We are here to help.