Residents share your views directly with Government

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The Government has recently launched the Social Housing Quality Resident Panel, so that residents across the country can share their views directly with ministers on its approach to driving up the quality of social housing.

It is committed to listening to social housing residents, making sure their voices are heard and acting on what they hear.

How to apply

Any resident can apply.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been a resident or if you have any previous experience in dealing with your landlord or engaging with the government.

Apply here. Applications close on 29 April 2022.

The Panel will be supported by a national survey, and around 5,000 residents will be asked to share their views about their landlord’s services. The survey will be used to monitor the impact reforms will have on social housing residents.

Topics of discussion

The Panel will discuss measures to improve social housing quality including:

  • Reviewing the Decent Homes Standard, which sets the minimum standard of housing every social housing landlord must meet regarding hazards, states of repair, facilities and energy efficiency.
  • Ensuring residents know how to raise complaints and have confidence in the system.
  • Reviewing the training and qualifications available to social housing staff.
  • Delivering a new access to information scheme for social housing tenants of housing associations and other private registered providers of social housing, so that information relating to landlords is easily available.

Anna Klimczak, Brighter Places chief executive said: “This is great news for residents. The introduction of the Panel puts social housing at the top of the agenda and gives residents the opportunity to have their voices heard at the highest level.

“It also comes just as we have launched our five-year strategy for large-scale improvements in energy-efficiency, quality, repairs and services for residents.

“It reflects our commitment that residents remain our primary focus, and that we will be working to delivering a truly great customer experience and to see residents’ voices further embedded in everything we do.”

If you want to find out more before you apply, there are some useful Frequently Asked Questions on the Government website and a contact email address if you can’t find the answer to your question.