St Pauls Carnival – Saturday 2 July 2022

Community / Engagement


It’s Carnival Day on Saturday 2 July and we’re thrilled to be partnering Bristol’s annual celebration as a Friend of Carnival.

This year St Pauls Carnival presents – Back A Yard – a celebration of the St Pauls community.

Culminating on Saturday, 2 July with Carnival Day, St Pauls Carnival is showing some love to all the incredible people that make up the St Pauls community. The people who have kept Carnival alive and thriving for 54 years. This means all the bits of Carnival you we know and love – the food, music, arts, and community.

Chief Executive Officer, Anna Klimczak said: “Brighter Places history is rooted in the St Pauls community. Our organisation originated from United Housing Association (UHA) which was established by Black community leaders including Owen Henry and Guy Reid-Bailey, as the first Black housing association in 1985 in St Pauls.

And, with many of our residents living in St Pauls today, we are honoured to be a Friend of Carnival and to play a small part in ensuring St Pauls Carnival remains free and an accessible event for all to enjoy.”

Whilst tickets are now sold out for the final events on Carnival Day, the St Pauls Carnival continues to run its year-round programme of activities – Carnival 365.  You can also join in the celebrations online by following St Pauls on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.