Staying safe at home

As your landlord, your safety is important to us .  We are responsible for keeping the areas where you live safe, and we need your help to do this.  Please make sure you read these safety guidelines and advice on these pages to help avoid risk to yourself, your family or your home.

The information on these pages explain what you can expect from Brighter Places to prevent problems and support you with any safety issues you might have.  It also explains your responsibilities to keep you, your family and neighbours safe.


Read about what we do and what you need to do to keep your home safe






  • Fire safety

    We carry out regular rigorous fire alarm and fire safety checks of all blocks and communal areas. 

    You must let us in to your home to do these checks.  We try hard to arrange a time that suits you.  If we cannot arrange a time with you we can take legal steps to access your home to carry out the work and charge you the legal costs. This can be up to £1,000.

    Within your home, it is your responsibility to avoid fire risk.

    The fire action notice in your block will tell you what to do if a fire breaks out in your home/building.

    Remember, never try to tackle a fire yourself – if a fire starts in your home, call 999.

    Visit our fire safety page for fire safety tips and government advice to make your home safe from fire.


  • Safety in communal areas

    We have a legal obligation to ensure all shared blocks and communal areas meet fire safety requirements.

    Communal areas are spaces that everyone in the building can access:

    • entrance lobbies
    • landings
    • corridors
    • stairwells
    • meter cupboards
    • lifts
    • open walkways

    We have to make sure effective fire evacuation arrangements are in place.  It is important that communal areas are kept tidy so that if there is a fire there is nothing that could prevent people from escaping, stop the fire services carrying out their duties, cause the fire to spread quickly or give off toxic smoke and gas.

    To help prevent this happening you cannot  store your possessions, leave unwanted goods to display decorative items (e.g. pictures and plant pots)

    If items are left in communal areas we will give you notice to remove them.   If items are not removed by the specified date we will remove it a charge of £50.We will dispose of it if it is not claimed after 28 days.

    If you are a resident living in a block of flats with a communal area or corridor please read view and download our Safety in communal areas leaflet 

    Read more about our communal hallways policy.








  • Safety checks we do to keep your home safe

    By law we must carry out regular checks to keep your home safe  You must let us or our contractors into your home to do these checks.

    We try hard to arrange a time that suits you.   If we cannot arrange a time with you or you won’t let us in we can take legal steps to access your home to carry out the work. We will charge you the legal costs which can be up to £1,000.

    Essential safety checks we do:

    • Every year:
      • heating (gas boiler or heat pump, check and service)
      • smoke, heat and carbon detectors  (we usually do this when we check your heating, in some properties we check every six months)
      • stairlifts
      • hoists
      • fire doors (for buildings more than 11 metres tall)
    • Every six months:
      • through the floor lift (if you have one)
    • Every five years:
      • electrical testing
    • Extra checks we may do: