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  • Swap your home

    A home swap (also known as a mutual exchange) happens when tenants of Registered Social Landlords, such as Brighter Places, swap properties. This can only happen if both tenants have their landlord’s consent.

    HomeSwapper can help you to swap your council or housing association home with other social tenants. It works like an estate agency website and includes a map showing the property location and photos where these are available.

    Swap your home

    If you want to move or need to move home and you wish to stay within social housing, there are local and national services to help. You need to register with both services before you can start to search. If you need help to register, call us on 0117 942 4600.

    Local HomeChoice services are run by your council. National swapping is arranged through the HomeSwapper service.

    • Go to HomeSwapper

      National moves are possible via HomeSwapper. This online service has hundreds of thousands of members throughout the UK. Every type of property is represented.

      To apply to swap your home you must have been our tenant for at least a year and not have any rent arrears or debt recharges.

      You need to sign up with HomeSwapper to use the service. This gives you the best possible chance of finding the home you want.

      You advertise your current home – it must be social housing, not private rented. Then other social housing tenants can view your home and see if they would like to live there.

      You can search for properties in your favourite areas and apply for any you like. Typically it takes up to three months to find a swap – sometimes longer.

      Tell us if you are swapping

      If you do find your perfect home on HomeSwapper please let us know, as we will need to send you some paperwork before you swap.

      Call us on 0117 942 4600.