Tenancy fraud – talk to us confidentially

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Tenancy fraud is very serious. We take legal action against any tenants that are using their properties fraudulently.

As a tenant, you are personally at risk of court action if we find that you have used your tenancy in a fraudulent way.

What is tenancy fraud?

You are acting fraudulently if you are:

  • Letting out your tenancy to another household.
  • Allowing someone to stay in your home for more than a few days without your landlord’s knowledge or consent.
  • Claiming benefits for a property that you do not live in.
  • Obtaining housing by deception – not being truthful to either the Council or Brighter Places about your circumstances.

Social housing tenancy fraud costs millions of pounds every year. Each case of tenancy fraud is believed to cost the taxpayer around £43,000.

This figure is made up of different costs. These include temporary housing, legal and investigation work, and the cost to relet a home once the property is recovered.

These are all homes that could go to people on housing waiting lists or to homeless people.

At Brighter Places we want to encourage anyone who knows of any tenancy fraud to speak to us in confidence.

Please call us on 0117 942 4600 and ask to speak to your housing officer.