Internal transfer list, Property compliance and Consumer Standards regulation

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Update from the engagement panel 11 October 2023
Next engagement panel meeting: Thursday 9 November 2023 5 pm – 6.30 pm (closed to observers)

Review of the Internal transfer list

Alex Phillips, Housing Manager, joined the panel meeting to give an update on the internal transfer list*. Her team conducted a survey to better understand the needs and motivations of people who wish to move to a different property managed by Brighter Places. The results were more nuanced than the Panel members were expecting. A survey will be sent to all the residents. We want to encourage people to participate and share their views. As a Panel, we also emphasised that Brighter Places could be creative in how they address this. Listening to residents is key so we can make sure to use the resources we have to improve our services and meet people’s needs and priorities.

Read more: How to give us your feedback about internal transfer lists.

* The internal transfer list is for residents who already have a home with us and are looking to swap to another Brighter Places home. Due to the very small number of properties available, we would always recommend Home Choice in the first instance.

Homes Service – Property compliance

Sophie Davis, Property Compliance, joined the meeting to give an overview of her team. They manage Health and Safety in Brighter Places properties. We went through the main areas they monitor, including gas, electric legionella, asbestos and fire and lifts. The recent changes to the Fire Safety Regulation generated an important cultural change in the housing sector. Safety must be taken seriously by landlords. Poor compliance can cost lives. Sophie also asked us to provide feedback on a new template displaying risk assessments. They aim to share this information in communal areas.

Consumer Standards – Regulation

Following our initial conversation about this initiative, we spent some time reviewing the new standards that the Regulator of Social Housing would like to put into place. Many of us raised that the language and the lack of accessibility remained the most obvious barrier. It felt important to respond collectively and to do so individually too. Each tenant does have a different experience. It can inform how these standards are designed. We hope the Regulator will bring more cultural awareness into this.

If any resident is interested in the panel meetings and would like to attend as an observer at one of our meetings, please contact a member of our engagement team. All residents are welcome. Please be aware the next meeting on Thursday 9 November is closed for observers.

Pete Kennedy-Watson – Panel Chair