Update on engagement strategy, customer feedback, asset management projects, expanding the engagement panel

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Update from the engagement panel 8 November 2022.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 13 December.  We welcome observers, so please join us.

Engagement strategy

Scott Jacobs-Lange, Community and Resident Engagement Manager has asked the Engagement Panel to help create an Engagement Strategy.  This has been developed to ensure we have a clear plan to engage and involve our residents so they can influence our decision-making and achieve maximum impact.  Brighter Places recently underwent an audit carried out by TPAS – Tenant Engagement experts. The strategy was presented as an action plan at this stage – to clearly link it to TPAS recommendations, the action plan will form the basis of a new engagement, influencing and impact strategy. the strategy is tabled for Board approval in new year.

The strategy will focus on three key areas:

  • Resident influence and scrutiny
  • Culture and communication
  • Community development and investment

Panel members were asked:

  • Do the strategic aims make sense?
  • Are you happy that they cover all aspects of resident and community engagement?
  • Are you confident that the actions proposed will be enough to achieve the aim?
  • Do you feel the action plan is achievable?

Customer Feedback

Scott updated the panel on our recent learning from the feedback quarterly meeting with managers.  As part of Brighter Places Customer Feedback policy working with managers on a quarterly basis to improve the process, policies and procedures.  Several case studies were shared with the panel and Scott demonstrated what was identified in the meeting for a particular case study and where we identified learning.  A discussion was held around the following questions.

  • Is there anything else you want to know about this particular feedback case?
  • Are you satisfied that we have fully understood the cause of these issues?
  • Are you satisfied that the measures we’re putting in place address the cause of the issue?
  • Is there anything you would like us to change about how we involve you in this new learning?
  • Are you ready to give your endorsement to this learning from feedback case?

Asset management projects

Resident Engagement Officer, Danielle Jones gave an update on Assest Management Projects from the last meeting.  At the last meeting panel members were asked to select their top three from a list of five asset management projects to be involved in.  Top three: Property and Safety Standard, Damp & Mould and Zero Carbon Retrofit.  Further involvement and quarterly updates to follow once panel involvement is confirmed.

Expanding the engagement panel

Danielle, made a proposal to the panel to increase the number of panel members from ten to 12, although currently there are only eight panel members. Panel members agreed to this change, with no objections.  Advertising for new members will take place in the new year.

Mike Sheppard, Panel member