Update on our Customer Promises and introducing ‘Bridge Meetings’

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12 May meeting… update on our Customer Promises and introducing ‘Bridge Meetings’

Next engagement panel meeting: Thursday 14 June 5pm-6.30pm

A round of introductions took place, and the panel welcomed new Panel member Martyn.

Update on Customer Promises

We first heard from Claudia Cobban, Customer Service Director who gave us an update on the Customer Promises. Claudia provided an update and gave a presentation from the end of March on the Customer Promise Tracker. Promises made prior to merger taking place – we’re now tracking our progress on these and provide a regular update on how things are going. Promises cover long timeframes so this update is about where we are and should be now on the promises made.

The presentation covered;

  • What’s been achieved
  • What’s still to do
  • Further work needed for delivering 2020 promises

Next we heard from Resident Engagement Officer, Danielle Jones who came back to the panel to continue discussing, Key Performance Indicators.  Danielle provided an update on our KPIs highlighting there are 6 key topic areas. Quarterly performance updates clustered into those six priority topics will be provided to the panel, but all KPIs are still available and we can ensure these are shared along with the six priority topics on a regular basis for the panel to access.

The six key areas the panel will focus on are, general satisfaction, complaints, anti-social behavior, communal areas and neighbourhoods, customer care and repairs.

The panel went through the proposed list of KPIs under each key area and made their collective choices as to which ones to monitor and on what frequency.  The panel will begin to look at performance in July 2022.

Introducing ‘Bridge Meetings’

Next the panel discussed a joint Panel and Board meeting – referred to as ‘Bridge Meetings’. Panel were asked to put forward 2/3 people to represent the panel.  They would be required to attend bridge meetings on a quarterly basis, with represented Board members. Purpose of the meetings is to;

  • Panel will choose areas of performance to scrutinise with the Board
  • Panel will lead on agenda – based on performance detected
  • Panel will use this as a feedback opportunity to feedback to all residents

Panel members were selected, and the first bridge meeting proposed for 27 June 2022.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 14 June, and we would welcome any observers. Contact engagement@brighterplaces.co.uk

Angela Russell, Co Chair