Updates on our new Chair of the Board, bridge meeting, annual rent review 2023, internal transfer list

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13 December meeting …. updates on new Chair of the Board, bridge meeting, annual rent review 2023, internal transfer list

Next engagement panel meeting:  Wednesday 11 January 2023, 5pm-6.30pm

Chair of the Board

The Panel welcomed new Chair of the Board, Harry Partington to the meeting.  Harry introduced himself and outlined what he brings to Brighter Places as chair of board.  He emphasised the quality he has observed on the board and the importance of focussing on customers while we work through our long-term plans during the cost-of-living crisis.

Bridge meeting

Next we heard from panel members Roselyn and Pete.  They updated us on the November bridge meeting where panel and board members come together to discuss complaints; this quarters topic.  Managers whose service areas have a high number of complaints were asked to attend so co-scrutiny could take place.  Scott Jacobs-Lange, resident and community engagement officer facilitated the discussion around complaints’ performance and processes. Key performance data was shared and members had the opportunity to discuss this.

Annual rent review 2023

Finance director, Grant Giles came to the meeting to discuss the annual rent review 2023. A proposal was shared with the panel based on a 3%, 5% and 7% increase. Grant discussed the wider impact the annual rent review will have on residents and the next steps are for Brighter Places. The rent cap is applied and it could represent an increase of 7% maximum. The aim is to get the balance right between affordability and viability, so we can still invest in existing and new homes. Each panel member had to chance to reflect and provide feedback on the proposals.

Internal transfer list

Finally Sara Bennett, housing services manager discussed our internal transfer list*.  Sara oversees housing delivery and alongside many projects she is reviewing how the current internal transfer list is operating.  Sara wanted to discuss the list as she is looking at Brighter Places performance, and how we can improve services and meet standards. Panel members shared their own lived experiences and discussed openly with Sara how they felt.  Suggestions were made on how we could improve the service, how we could change the service, and whether or not the internal transfer list we had should remain.

Sara has taken away the panels thoughts and will come back to panel in April/May to review this service again.

*The internal transfer list is for residents who already have a home with us and are looking to swap to another Brighter Places home. There may be several reasons for this including down-sizing, up-sizing or due to health implications.  There is no guarantee that any resident on the internal transfer waiting list will get transferred to another Brighter Places home as there are only a very small number of properties available.  We would always recommend Home Choice in the first instance.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 11 January 2023 and we welcome observers.  Contact engagement@brighterplaces.co.uk

We are looking for new members to join the engagement panel and would encourage any residents who are interested to get in touch with us before Friday 20 January 2023.

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Engagement team on behalf of the co-chairs and the engagement panel