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Update from the Engagement Panel meeting on 11 August 2022

Our next meeting takes place on Tuesday 13 September.  We welcome observers, so please join us.

Brighter Places Board

Angela Russell, Panel Co-chair and panel member, Martyn gave an overview of two recent ‘meet and greet’ sessions they attended for potential new Chair of the Board and new Board members.

Tenancy Support Fund

Resident Engagement Officer, Danielle Jones gave an update of the Tenancy Sustainment support fund set up to help residents in a time of need, and through the cost of living crisis.

Summer of Listening

Danielle also gave a detailed overview of  the Summer of Listening campaign and outlined what residents had told colleagues during the 6-week long Summer of Listening door knock.  Engagement panel members were asked if they would like to support the Grand Finale event which is taking place on the 17 September.  It was suggested this could be a good way to promote what the panel is about, what it’s achieved and gauge interest from other residents about becoming involved.

Customer Promises

Danielle gave a summary of the quarterly update on the Customer Promises:

  • Customer Portal – Repairs module will be accessible later
  • Annual Safety and condition MOT for your home –  two panel members will be part of this project
  • Single source of accessible information for all health and safety information – Improve accessibility when people do not go online
  • New repairs for shared owners –  They will need to pay for this service (with a discount)
  • Equitable rent policy
  • Overhaul of service charges – Review contracts and Investigate issues raised from a consultation (Jan/Feb 2022)

Key Performance Indicators

Danielle gave the panel insight into the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from six key topics that the panel had previously expressed an interest in. There are several KPIs the panel had selected from each topic, and each was presented to us with the quarterly target, and the actual target.  There was also supporting commentary from the KPI owner – each departmental manager.

  • General satisfaction
  • Complaints
  • Communal Areas and Neighborhoods
  • Anti-Social Behavior
  • Repairs

Pete Kennedy-Watson, Panel Co-Chair