Updates on the repairs service and progress against the Brighter Places customer promises

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Update from the Engagement Panel meeting on 12 October 2022

Our next meeting is Tuesday 8 November.  We welcome any observers so please join us.

Repairs service update

Claudia Cobban, Customer Service Director gave a brief update to let the Panel know that the Repairs Service had been aligned as planned with Alliance Homes so all legacy Solon homes and legacy United Communities homes will have repairs carried out by  Alliance Homes Repairs Service.  All residents have been notified and the service went live on 3 October.

Claudia also, gave a “setting the scene” update to help us understand the next agenda item and it’s proposals more clearly.

Customer promises update

Richard James, Asset Director came to the panel to discuss five projects which were based around customer promises;

  • Communal Area Improvement Project
    “We will bring a programme of improvements to the management of, and investment in communal areas”
  • Property Safety MOT Project
    “We will start visiting each home we manage to conduct an annual safety MOT”
  • Zero Carbon Retrofit Project
    “We commit to improve the energy efficiency of your home”
  • Develop the Brighter Places Property Standard and Property Safety Standard
    “We will improve the quality of fixtures and fittings in every home”
  • Damp & Mould project
    Implement a new proactive zero tolerance approach to damp and mould in our homes

Richard introduced each project, gave an overview, and started a discussion about how the panel can be involved, how they can influence, monitor and receive updates on the projects. The panel have been asked which projects are of interest to them and will decide by the end of October which top three  projects they would like to be involved in.

Claudia gave a quarterly update on the Customer Promises, explaining there are two promises – service charge overview and updating tenancy agreements – will not  be complete on schedule due to the volume of service demand at the moment.

A further update on customer promises will be shared with all residents in the next Brighter News magazine, due in November.

Angela Russell
Engagement Panel Co-Chair