Our vision and values

  • Our mission

    No matter who you are, where you’re from, or the journey you’ve been on, we’ll provide you with a home and help you keep it – somewhere safe where you belong. Everyone is welcome, everyone is valued and everyone has a place in our communities.

  • Our guiding principles
    • Customer and community focused

    • Embracing equality, diversity and inclusion

    • Providing homes for those who need them

    • Focusing our operations on Bristol and surrounding areas

  • Our values

    We listen to people’s stories so they never feel like a cog in the machine. We keep our minds open and always take time to empathise and understand the needs of our communities, anyone who works with us and anyone who asks us for help. We treat people with respect and honesty. We collaborate with other organisations to achieve our goals and we trust each other.

    We trust each other and we’re honest. Our working community is blame-free and supportive. This means we can make mistakes, own them, and learn from them without fear. We are open with the people we serve and we keep the conversation going.

    We think big. We work hard to achieve our goals and we’re always ready for the next challenge. We bring everything we’ve got to everything we do – so we can build the best communities possible.

    We believe in diversity, equality, dignity and the freedom to be. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever your life story, you have a place in our communities. You are valued and you belong.


  • Our commitment

    Great customer experience

    Our service reflects resident expectations through engagement, support and investment

    Great place to work

    Our commitment is to diversity, skills development and job satisfaction

    Great homes and partnerships

    Our strategy recognises that one of the foundations of wellbeing is a warm safe home