Your responsibilities

As part of our tenancy agreement with you, we will maintain the structure of your home and carry out repairs that are caused by fair wear and tear.  This includes regular maintenance and services for gas appliances and fire alarms.

You will be responsible for some repairs and maintenance, such as internal decoration, maintaining gardens, and repairing and renewing floor covering.

  • General
    • Broken or cracked glass, vandalism, forced entry (unless valid Police Crime report number is provided)
    • Internal decorations
    • Repairing or renewing floor covering
    • Fitting in and plumbing in kitchen utilities e.g. cookers, washers, dishwasher
    • Replacement of lost keys (including window lock and post box keys)
    • Replacement of internal locks
    • Removal of pests – rats, mice, fleas, ants and wasps nests
    • Testing, cleaning and replacing batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
    • WiFi/ internet connection and telephone
    • TV aerials and satellite dishes (except in communal flats)
  • Plumbing
    • Sealant around fixture and fittings including sink, shower, bath and toilet
    • Descaling and cleaning shower head
    • Replacing toilet seats, sink/bath plugs and chains
    • Stained internal sinks, WC or baths, etc.
    • Blocked waste pipes, where caused by tenant
    • Mixer taps and showers fitted by tenant
    • Installing/ maintaining your washing machine, dishwashers and associated plumbing
    • Checking the room thermostat or heating programme is set to the correct temperature or setting
    • Taking steps to stop water in taps and pipes from freezing
    • Turning off water at the stop tap if pipe bursts
  • Electrical
    • Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes in home
    • Electrical fittings installed by tenant e.g. ceiling fans and decorative lighting
    • Resetting trip switches
    • Disconnecting and reconnecting cookers
  • Outside
    • Maintaining gardens including: hedges and trees, paths and walk ways, clothes line
    • Keeping gardens and driveways clear of rubbish, disused furniture etc.
    • Sheds and outbuildings
    • Cleaning leaves from gulley grids
    • Fencing repairs, except where this affects a boundary fence (i.e. a fence that opens to a publicly accessible area)